Driving Away from the City

(American Graphics)

Cut-Away Aiirplne


Interior View of Human Abdomen


Alcohol Circulation in the Body


Square Patterned Red Suite

(Bad Furniture)

Dragging Away the Bull


Pull Away Polly


Have I Stayed Away Too Long Sheet Music


Cut-away View of Chicago Subway


Kelsey and Satsuma Peaches


Semi-Nude Sailor Girl

(Pinups / Girlie)

Marooned Circus

(Happy Birthday)

Fairies Riding Dragonflies and Bees

(Kid Stuff)

Lady Bird Fly Away Home

(Kid Stuff)

Flapper Overcome by Book

(Literature & Letters)

Men's Pulp Magazine Cover

(Men's Magazines)

Cut-Away Picture of Trailer


Cut-Away View of Trailer


Surfers Paddling Away, San Diego, California

(San Diego)

Interior Workings of a Shoe


Just Sleep Away Your Troubles

(Statements & Questions)

Luggage on Cart, Going Away?

(Travel & Bon Voyage)

Leaving Right Away, Bronco Throwing Rider

(The West)

Cupid Chipping Away at Heart

(Valentine’s Day)