Fifties Blonde with Roses

(American Graphics)

Sly Lady with Sewing Machine

(Beautiful Women)

Lady with Red Lipstick and Gray Collar

(Beautiful Women)

Flapper Putting on Lipstick


Woman with Sewing Machine

(French Ephemera)

Lipstick Advertisement

(Foreign Graphics)

Woman in Underwear, Hong Kong Magazine

(Foreign Graphics)

Fifties Sunglasses


Tabby with Bell

(Kitty Cats)

Men's Pulp Magazine Cover

(Men's Magazines)

Lipsticks and Makeup

(Nutty Pictures)

Little Girl and Puppy

(Nutty Pictures)

Selection of Lipsticks

(Nutty Pictures)

Woman with Adding Machine

(Nutty Pictures)

French Woman with Buddha Statue

(Religion & Spirituality)

Lady with Sunglasses and Ski Poles

(Winter Sports)