Cows in the Pasture

(American Graphics)

Rochester by Aberdeen, Black Horse


Mare and Foal in Pasture


Sheep and Lambs in Meadow

(Kid Stuff)

Rural Scene, Topeka


Blue Grass Thoroughbreds


Thoroughbreds on Blue Grass


Blue Grass Farm


Victorian Lady Picking Flowers in Field


Battlefield Monument, Waterloo, Belgium

(Foreign Misc.)

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

(North Carolina)

Greetings from Nebraska


Mt. Washington, Mt. Adams, Intervale

(New Hampshire)

Presidential Range, White Mountains

(New Hampshire)

Green Mountains, Sugar Hill

(New Hampshire)

Roadside Family Picnic

(Nutty Pictures)

Greetings from New York

(New York State)

Greetings from Brooklyn, New York City

(New York City)

Longhorn Steer, Brownsville, Texas


Longhorn Steer, Rockdale, Texas


Texas Longhorn Steer


Winooski Valley and Mt. Mansfield, Burlington