Rug and Carpet Showroom

(Architecture & Design)

Rust Corner Sofa Set

(Bad Furniture)

Bull Throwing Rodeo Rider


Thrown Bull-Rider, Montana


Knife-Throwing Act


Happy Father's Day Baseball

(Father's Day)

Discobolos Throwing Bicycle Tire

(Foreign Graphics)

Thrown-Off Santa Suit, Merry Christmas from Florida


Picking Oranges, Throwing Snowballs


Happy New Year, Children Throwing Snowballs at Moon

(Happy New Year)

4th of July, Uncle Sam Throwing Firecracker

(July Fourth)

Man Throwing Javelin


Cat Yowling, Thrown Bricks

(Kitty Cats)

Greek Warriors Throwing Spears

(Classical Motifs)

Amalia Amado, Woman in Costume


Lady Throwing Snowballs

(Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings)

Lady Throwing Snowball

(Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings)

Girl Throwing Snowball

(Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings)

Motel Room with Blue Chenille Bedspreads

(Motel Rooms)

Man in Jockey Shorts Pretending to Throw Football


Assortment of Pillows

(Nutty Pictures)

Various Pillows

(Nutty Pictures)

Selection of Pillows

(Nutty Pictures)

Rope Throwing, State Fair, Oklahoma City


Greek Athlete Throwing Hammer

(Sports Misc.)

Wrestling Techniques

(Sports Misc.)

Uncle Sam Throwing Fire Crackers, Hurrah


Cowboy Thrown by Bronco


Can't Stop to Throw the Bull, Cartoon


Leaving Right Away, Bronco Throwing Rider

(The West)